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Save The Date For Goliath Grouper! The 12th Annual Count Will Take Place This June

Save the date for goliath grouper! The 12th Annual Great Goliath Grouper Count is scheduled to take place June 1–14, 2021. The Great Goliath Grouper Count is a stakeholder driven effort, made possible through collaboration with Florida Sea Grant, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and county partners. Every year, the project provides a “snapshot”…

Private: Fisheries and Conservation in the Coral ECA: A Stakeholder Process

Public Input Needed For Southeast Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area

By: Lourdes Rodriguez, 954-577-6363 office, 954-242-8439 mobile, FLORIDA – Florida’s coral reef ecosystems are at a critical state of vulnerability and in need of conservation efforts. Of much concern is the Southeast Coral Reef Ecosystem Conservation Area, also referred to as the Coral ECA, the northernmost part of Florida’s reef tract stretching from the…

Florida Friendly Fishing Guide

Fishing Guides Can Now Be Certified as Environmentally Friendly

Fishing is big business in Florida, contributing several billion dollars each year to the state’s economy. Fishing guides are an important part of that industry, providing locals and tourists with authentic Florida fishing experiences. Anglers who want to make their hobby more sustainable can now easily identify guides who know how to reduce the environmental…

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Sea Grant opens aquaculture research funding opportunities of up to $13.5 million

National Sea Grant Office announces three aquaculture opportunities. Three funding opportunities for up to $13.5 million in aquaculture research have been announced by the National Sea Grant College Program of the U.S. Department of Commerce. The opportunities address distinct aspects of domestic aquaculture and  bear different deadlines for letters of intent. The national office will give…

Florida Sea Grant Seeking Letters of Intent for Applied Coastal and Ocean Research Projects

Florida Sea Grant is now seeking letters of intent for two-year coastal and ocean applied research grants that reflect priorities identified in the current Florida Sea Grant Strategic Plan.