goliath grouper
Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant
Episode 9 - Goliath Grouper

Today on Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant: Goliath Grouper.

Goliath grouper are the largest fish in the tropical western Atlantic, growing as large as 8 feet long and weighing up to 800 pounds! Goliaths have been protected from harvest since the 1990’s and are now a huge diver attraction during summer and fall months when they gather to spawn.  

Every year, Florida Sea Grant calls upon citizen scientists to assist with a monitoring project called the Great Goliath Grouper Count and you can participate too! Diver & GoliathThis project utilizes recreational divers to capture data about Goliath grouper populations around the state. The data collected is a vital tool for fisheries management.  

For information about this and other coastal topics, contact your county extension office or visit Florida Sea Grant at flseagrant.org.

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