Partnering With Florida's Aquaculture Industry To Train The Next Generation of Workforce

In support of a growing Blue Economy, Florida Sea Grant launched its HARVEST student internship program to foster the development of a burgeoning aquaculture industry and provide valuable real-world experience to students interested in aquaculture.

HARVEST, Helping Aquaculture Reap Value and Enhance Student Training, is an internship program that offers university students paid part-time internships (up to 20 hours per week) with partnering aquaculture businesses in Florida. Students are provided with valuable workforce development skills to solve ‘real-world’ problems that impede the productivity of aquaculture businesses. During their internship, students aid in a variety of needs denoted by the aquaculture business such as efforts to increase survivability, productivity, efficiency, sustainability, public outreach, and education. The duties of each internship include but are not limited to:
  • On the farm/hatchery work (animal husbandry, harvesting, processing, culling, data collection)
  • Outreach, communications and marketing
  • Equipment maintenance and engineering
  • Development/expansion of new culture methods
  • Research project assistance
Program Structure
Florida Sea Grant supports up five student-business internships per year. Florida Sea Grant extension agents and faculty partner with aquaculture business to co-mentor the HARVEST intern during their 2-9 month internship experience. Each HARVEST internship’s duties and projects are based on the needs of the aquaculture business partner.
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Applications closed

Stay tuned for an announcement of the latest cohort of HARVEST interns.

Photo of Hayley Lemoine
Former Intern


Ph.D. Candidate,
Rasster Lab,
Florida State University