loggerhead sea turtle on beach going into ocean
Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant
Episode 3 - Sea Turtles

Today on Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant: Sea turtles!

Did you know five of the seven existing species of sea turtles nest in Florida?  Sea turtles nest on Florida beaches between the months of March and October.   

We can help these sea turtles by making sure we keep the beach clean, dark, and flat.  This means properly disposing of any trash and filling in any holes you have dug so that turtles do not fall in or get stuck.   

If you are on the beach at night, do not use white lights, which may disturb nesting mothers or disorient hatchlings. You can learn more about sea turtles with Florida Sea Grant’s sea turtle curriculum and educational book, both available online.  

For information about this and other coastal topics, contact your county extension office or visit Florida Sea Grant at flseagrant.org. 

juvenile sea turtle swims among seaweed

Sea turtle swimming through the water.

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