Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant
Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant
Episode 15 - Lobstering

Today on Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant: Lobstering 

The Caribbean spiny lobster is the species spotted most frequently around Florida’s waters and dinner plates. This species lacks claws for pinching and can be found on reefs and rocky habitats throughout Florida and the Caribbean.  

Lobsters play an important role in the ecosystem cleaning up food scraps in the environment and providing meals to reef inhabitants as well as humans! During lobster season, catching spiny lobsters is a popular past-time for Florida residents and visitors alike.

Before heading out to harvest lobster, familiarize yourself with current rules and regulations, use a dive flag when snorkeling or diving and check out educational programs like the online Florida Friendly Angler course to pick up tips for best practices when interacting with our state’s aquatic natural resources.  

For information about this and other coastal topics, contact your county extension office or visit Florida Sea Grant at 

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