man holding sargassum seaweed
Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant
Episode 8 - Sargassum

Today on Marine Science Minute with Florida Sea Grant: Sargassum.

Sargassum, a free-floating brown seaweed, has received lots of media attention in recent years. This is a naturally occurring species that originates in the eastern Atlantic in an area known as the Sargasso Sea. This drifting seaweed creates habitat for fish, crabs, and even juvenile sea turtles.  

When sargassum lands on local beaches, it often becomes stranded and decomposes, creating a challenge for beach managers. New research has shown the potential of sargassum to serve as an additive to compost material for landscaping, creating a new end use for the seaweed. 

Florida Sea Grant assists resource managers with providing current sargassum research and recommending best management practices for handling sargassum.  

For more information about this and other coastal topics, contact your county extension office or visit Florida Sea Grant at

sargassum seaweed

Photo of sargassum seaweed. Photo credit Wikimedia Commons.

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