Morgan Eason
Coral Rescue Project


Coral Propagation Coordinator


Morgan received her bachelor’s degree in environmental and wildlife conservation from the University of North Florida, concentrating in shark ecology. She was an intern at the Cape Eleuthera Institute where she studied shark, ray, and deep sea ecology. Morgan received her masters degree in marine conservation from the University of Miami. During her graduate program, she worked to establish a Diadema antillarum spawning and research program at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science. She also volunteers with a non-profit in Kona, Hawaii that focuses on research, conservation, and education of manta rays. In her free time, Morgan enjoys hiking, fishing and scuba diving.

Projects, Research & Specializations

Morgan is the Coral Propagation Coordinator for Florida Sea Grant. She is responsible for planning the Propagation Strategy for the Coral Rescue Project.


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