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Water Quality Protection Program Coordinator


Genevieve Schave is the Water Quality Protection Program Coordinator directly supporting the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Office of Resilience and Coastal Protection in Marathon Florida. Born and raised in South Florida; with direct access to stay and enjoy the Florida Keys multiple times in a year; her passion has always been for marine systems and the set of islands she has since called home for years. Her experience involves work with endangered sea turtles and avian species of the Florida Keys; public education, surveys, programming, and outreach; and fieldwork for water quality programs with the National Park Service in partnership with scientists from United States Geological Survey; including fisheries and harmful algae bloom data collection. Her interest lies in species conservation and ecology, and how humans can play a more active role in protection of delicate ecosystems. Genevieve holds a B.S in Biology from the University of Florida with a minor in Anthropology from the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences.

Projects, Research & Specializations

As the Water Quality Protection Program Coordinator, Genevieve expands communications and outreach efforts while maintaining Florida Department of Environmental Protection (FDEP) Quality Assurance standards and working in association with the FDEP’s Aquatic Preserves Program and the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS). The Florida Keys is a system comprised of a unique island chain, mangrove habitats, seagrass beds, and a barrier reef that all provide homes to more than 6000 species. Additionally, recreation and tourism prove a large part of the local economy. An amendment to the FKNMS and Protection Act in 1992 directed the creation of the Water Quality Protection Program (WQPP): the first in the nation for a marine sanctuary; acknowledging the role clean water plays in the protection of marine resources. The WQPP, administered by FDEP and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, addresses sources of pollution and implements corrective actions to maintain the integrity of the Sanctuary.

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