Coral Protection


Coral Protection Project Coordinator


Through Florida Sea Grant Kylie Morgan reports and coordinates on the Southeast Florida Coral Water Quality Protection projects. She has previously been a research coordinator for Northwestern University and a coral restoration intern for Mote Marine Laboratory before graduating from Lake Forest College in 2022. While in college Kylie received the Nicholas J Wasylik award for academic and athletic excellence. She has have been involved with research studies involved with coral restoration research, fish lateral line effects, and human pain management. In her current role she is working with a variety of local partners on data management tools, water quality improvement practices, and disturbance intervention work. Kylie’s hobbies include running, swimming, diving, watching movies and travelling somewhere new.

Projects, Research & Specializations

As the Coral Protection Project Coordinator, Kylie specializes in water quality protection projects, specifically in understanding and measuring their effects on Florida’s Coral Reef. Within this effort she also works closely with Florida’s Coral Reef Coordination Team (FCRRP) and various University and County representatives to research and establish best practices for water management and monitoring as it relates to its impacts on FCR.

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