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Living Shoreline

Mandy Baily

Living Shoreline Program Assistant


Mandy Baily is a Program Assistant who supports the Living Shoreline Training for Marine Contractors courses across the state by evaluating, coordinating, and facilitating all aspects of the course process. Mandy’s background –whether during her time as a Peace Corps Volunteer, graduate student, or as a Civic and Environmental Education Fellow- reveals her dedication to integrating human considerations with natural resource concerns, especially around water quality. Mandy holds a M.S. in Natural Resource Conservation, a graduate certificate in Wetlands and Water Resource Management, and a B.S. in Anthropology from the University of Florida.

Mandy loves spending time with her family, friends, surfing, and mountain biking with her free time.

Projects, Research & Specializations

In her current position, she focuses on educating agencies, organizations, and individuals on estuarine shoreline protection. In addition to the living shoreline training course coordination work, Mandy is assisting Holly Abeels with work on the 2023-2024 NSF Civic Innovation Grant on teh City of Cape Canaveral’s Green Stormwater Infrastructure Smart Rain Garden project through September 2024. With the help of the FDEP Aquatic Preserve agent Emily Surmont, Holly and Mandy are creating a pollinator training and monitoring community science program to survey butterfly and bee populations in the garden, along with qualitative observations of other wildlife. 

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