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In addition to offering habitat to fish, artificial reefs improve fishing opportunities and create new scuba diving destinations.

Florida is responding to fisheries depletion and habitat degradation with one of the nation’s most progressive artificial reef programs, deploying up to 100 public artificial reefs each year.

For more than three decades, Florida Sea Grant has played a leadership role in the evolution of the state’s artificial reef program. This includes co-organizing, in coordination with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission the statewide Artificial Reef Summit, a conference held approximately every 4 to 6 years to bring together program coordinators, fishery managers, scientists and constituency groups.

Locate the artificial reefs in Florida:

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission keeps an online atlas of artificial reefs in the state that can be found at this link: Artificial Reef Locator

Florida Trend Report: Will More Reefs Mean More Fish?

May 2015
This report is part of a  two-year campaign titled, Florida’s Changing Seas, published in Florida Trend. This report discusses the state’s artificial reef program the what Florida Sea Grant is doing to help manage it.

Steinhatchee Fisheries Management Area

Florida Sea Grant’s long-term research, funded by state and federal partners, continues on a vast network of one-ton concrete reef blocks deployed in the northeast Gulf of Mexico. The research is testing how reefs can enhance habitat for gag grouper and other targeted fish species. Read more.

Artificial reef deployment, barge

Artificial reef blocks being deployed. Photo by Keith Mille, FWC.

2015 Florida Artificial Reef Summit

Visit the following link to view archived material from the 2015 Florida Artificial Reef Summit: https://www.flseagrant.org/fisheries/artificialreefs/summit/

2016 Southeast Florida Artificial Reef Workshop

Visit the following link to view archived materials from the 2016 Southeast Florida Artificial Reef Workshop held in West Palm Beach in November 2016: https://www.flseagrant.org/fisheries/artificialreefs/past-workshops

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