New Book Details The History & Emerging Trends Of Purpose-Built Reefs

Cover of 'Structure in the Sea' book by Bill SeamanDr. William “Bill” Seaman, former Associate Director of Florida Sea Grant and one of the founders of the Florida Artificial Reef Summit, recently published a book detailing the history of artificial or purpose-built reefs from the 1970s to today.

Seaman is among those who pioneered the science-based development of purpose-built reef best practices and has spent over 40 years fostering and advising a community of experts in the field. He contributed to shaping both the art and science behind the development and evaluation of purpose-built reefs in Florida and across the globe. Seaman is Professor Emeritus and a founding member of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the University of Florida.

Florida Sea Grant is excited to share his new book, “Structure in the Sea: The Science, Technology and Effects of Purpose-Built Reefs and Related Surfaces,” which is available for purchase here.

This book is for anyone interested in the subject matter, especially marine environmental scientists, environmental engineers, and policy makers.

In roughly the last half-century new materials, innovative design, larger scales of size and space, numerous purposes other than fishing, establishment of reef-related businesses, and refinement of research techniques are among the trends accompanying and enabling a proliferation of purposely submerged ocean structures.