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aylesworth logosThis is a joint program of the Aylesworth Foundation for the Advancement of Marine Science, the Southeastern Fisheries Association and the Florida Sea Grant College Program. To learn more, and to see what some past Aylesworth scholars are doing today, read our latest Aylesworth Scholarship publication.

The award is for graduate and undergraduate students who are enrolled full-time at a university or college in Florida. Application materials will be organized by the Florida Sea Grant College Program for submittal to the screening committee.

Deadline: November 7, 2019 at 3 pm EST.

To complete this application you will need:

  1. Completed application form (Download 2020 scholarship application form)
  2. Signed letter of good standing from applicant’s faculty advisor
  3. Two letters of recommendation
  4. College transcripts (scanned unofficial transcripts are accepted)

All items must be submitted via this link: 2020 Aylesworth Scholarship application submittal link

General Information

Awards will be presented to students in payments at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters. Florida Sea Grant will assist the Foundation in arranging payments to scholarship recipients. The Aylesworth award is intended to be a career award. Once selected, a student may continue to receive the award each year as long as satisfactory progress is made toward degree completion as verified by the university or college. The maximum award can be in the amount of 65 percent of the annual official university or college cost of attending that university or college, or $5,000 whichever is lower. The Aylesworth Foundation reserves the right to divide each award among several students or make awards of lower amounts. The new award recipients will be recognized each year during a public event.

The selection process will have financial need as its principal criterion. It is important that your financial need is shown on your financial information sheet and in your Career Goals and Financial Need Statement. In addition, the successful applicant must demonstrate academic merit, leadership, and personal character. Florida residents will receive preference.

In the event a recipient withdraws from the university or college, or fails to maintain the necessary grade point average in the major field of study, or becomes financially capable, that student will not be eligible for additional support under this program. The student’s academic department will be required to verify their eligibility before each payment is made.

Application Procedure

Download 2020 scholarship application form. Fill it in, providing all the requested materials.



  • This is a student scholarship and no indirect costs are allowed
  • No match is required


Applications for this award period must be received by 3 p.m. on Thursday, November 7, 2019. Awards will be made at the beginning of the Spring 2020 semester.

Submitting Your Application

The applicant should combine Student Information Sheet (form), Career Goals and Statement of Financial Need (form), Financial Information Sheet (form), resume and current college transcripts in one PDF document and upload it to the Florida Sea Grant Aylesworth site at this link: 2020 Aylesworth Scholarship application submittal link

Letter writers should sign, scan and upload their letters to the Florida Sea Grant Aylesworth site at this link: 2020 Aylesworth Scholarship application submittal link

About the Aylesworth Scholarship

Ralph and Kitty Aylesworth, long-time members of the Florida fishing industry, established the Aylesworth Foundation for the Advancement of Marine Sciences in 1984. They created the foundation to make a long-term investment in the industry which has been so good to them and their family. The Aylesworths believed that scientific knowledge in marine-related areas coupled with decisions based on environmental and conservation factors will prove to be the only way to develop, use and manage our renewable marine resources on a long-term basis. Aylesworth scholarships are available to students in all Florida universities that conduct research in the marine sciences. The Aylesworth Foundation and Florida Sea Grant administer this scholarship program.

Any person, regardless of race, creed or country of origin, is eligible for an Aylesworth award. Aylesworth scholarships in excess of $600,000 have been awarded to more than 100 students at 14 Florida universities since 1986. A Foundation-appointed screening committee reviews applications and recommends top applicants to receive the Aylesworth award. Students may be interested in any academic discipline having direct application in marine science, ranging from biology and engineering to economics and food science.


For questions about the scholarship or the application process, contact:

Corina Guevara
Florida Sea Grant College Program
University Of Florida
1762 McCarty Drive, Building 803
PO Box 110400
Gainesville, FL 32611-0400
Fax: 352.392.5113