Call to Action: Donate to the Karl Havens Excellence Endowment to Secure Funding for Future FSG Research

Karl Havens taking photos.

Karl Havens was an avid scenic photographer. The sunset image used below was one of Haven’s most beloved sunset photos he has captured on camera.

In 2019, Florida Sea Grant established a sustained student-focused research program on water quality to commemorate the passing of the program’s former director, Dr. Karl Havens.

The Karl Havens Excellence Endowment will support students and research at Florida Sea Grant-affiliated institutions in the areas of limnology, coastal and estuarine water quality, and harmful algal blooms. Karl’s research focused on these areas, which are especially important now as the state is experiencing increased water quality and supply issues.

“I have been humbled by witnessing the mobilization of the agents and specialists in their desire to honor Dr. Havens,” says Dr. Sherry Larkin, Director of Florida Sea, who is leading the fund’s creation. “Certainly, trying to move on in the wake of Dr. Haven’s passing has been challenging, but it has also provided inspiration and a sense of purpose.”

“With this fund, Florida Sea Grant seeks to continue Karl’s legacy of both scientific discovery and communication of science-based information to serve our coastline. If we reach the endowment level of $30,000, we will be able to fund fellowships with the ultimate goal of having an endowed chair to carry on this important work on behalf of Florida Sea Grant.”

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Donate and Share

Karl was a leader in aquatic research of a type that is increasingly needed in Florida, as the state is experiencing increased pressures on its water supply and more frequent and severe harmful algal blooms on its coasts and in its rivers and lakes.

As of March 1, 2024, our fundraising efforts have successfully raised a total of $23,230. Our goal is to attain $30,000 by June 1, 2024, in order to establish a lasting endowment. This endowment will ensure ongoing support for students dedicated to the preservation of cleaner Florida waterways.

Visit the Karl Havens Excellence Endowment donation page and make a contribution. This secure page is hosted by the University of Florida and all donations will go directly to the fund. Explore the impact of our recent UF Giving Day, and help spread the word about this opportunity to support additional research in this crucial area. 

With this fund, Florida Sea Grant seeks to continue Karl’s legacy of both scientific discovery and communication of science-based information to serve our coastline.

Karl’s Legacy

Karl Havens was director of the Florida Sea Grant program from 2007 until his passing in spring 2019. He was a professor of aquatic ecology at the University of Florida and was a leading international expert on aquatic research, management, education and outreach. His area of expertise included the response of lakes and estuaries to natural and human-caused impacts such as nutrient enrichment, drought, climate variability and hurricanes.

“Karl was a visionary who could help others see as well. He often did it with photographs. He always did it with the excitement in his voice when he talked about science,” said Jack Payne, Former UF senior vice president for agriculture and natural resources. “His passion was a great contribution to science because he inspired others to discover, too.”

To read more about Karl and his legacy, go here.

Contact Information

For additional information, to make a donation via different means, or to provide items to donate for the auction, please contact Sherry Larkin, Florida Sea Grant director, by phone or email:

Sherry Larkin, Director
Florida Sea Grant College Program
University of Florida
PO Box 110400
Gainesville, FL 32611-0400
(352) 392-5870