Florida Sea Grant Launches “Marine Science Minute” Radio Series on WUFT FM

marine science minute with florida sea grant program logo

Florida Sea Grant is excited to announce the launch of “Marine Science Minute,” a new weekly radio series airing on WUFT FM every Wednesday morning at 7:42 AM EST, starting April 3rd. This project aims to bring marine science on-the-go, delivering engaging and informative one-minute segments to listeners during their early morning commute. 

Each one-minute spotlight is designed to provide timely and actionable insights on various marine science topics, ranging from fishery seasons to environmental holidays. Listeners can look forward to spotlights covering topics on artificial reefs, horseshoe crabs, mangroves, safe boating and fishing, hurricane preparedness, and more! 

“We decided on one-minute segments for each spotlight to ensure that the information remains accessible and engaging for our audience,” says Dr. Savanna Barry. “These spotlights are designed to provide a teaser of our organization’s key programs and initiatives, sparking interest and driving engagement with Florida Sea Grant resources.”

Throughout the development process, each script underwent three stages of peer review, a crucial process in refining the content and eliminating excessive jargon, to ensure the delivery of digestible content that fosters a deeper understanding of marine science.

“Marine Science Minute” results from a collaborative effort among the diverse Florida Sea Grant team, spearheaded by Dr. Savanna Barry. In total, 52 radio scripts were crafted by members of the Shoreline, Estuarine, and Aquatic Systems (SEAS) work action group (WAG), along with other Florida Sea Grant extension agents, coordinators, affiliates, and specialists. Each project team member developed content tailored to their expertise and shared valuable Florida Sea Grant resources for marine science-related information. 

Ana Zangroniz provides the iconic voice behind Marine Science Minute. Image by Donielle Nardi.

“Launching a radio spotlight from scratch, especially one aimed at engaging audiences with science, is no easy job,” says Miami-Dade County Extension Agent, Ana Zangroniz. “It’s truly impressive to see all members of the Florida Sea Grant team working together to create over 50 scripts. Each team member wholeheartedly supported one another and pitched in with tasks like writing scripts, research, logistical outreach, and peer reviews, contributing to an overall captivating radio series.” 

Additionally, some extension agents contributed their artistic talents to the radio spotlights. Victor Blanco, Florida Sea Grant UF/IFAS extension agent from Taylor County, lent his acoustic melodies to the broadcasts, while Ana Zangroniz provided her unique voice for the “Marine Science Minute.”

Reflecting on the recording experience, Zangroniz expresses, “I feel flattered that my colleagues chose me to represent our organization. I hope that my efforts are well-received by our audience.”

While the radio spotlights are currently scheduled to broadcast inland in Gainesville and the team intends to share them with other Florida radio markets in the future, Dr. Barry underscores the significance of reaching non-coastal audiences.

“People from various regions interact with and feel connected to our coastal areas, therefore they have shared responsibility to protect them. Our objective is to raise awareness of Florida Sea Grant as a resource for all audiences, not only those residing along the coast but also anyone engaging with coastal regions,” says Dr. Barry. 

Tune in every Wednesday in the Gainesville area @ 7:42 AM EST to catch the latest “Marine Science Minute” spotlight on WUFT FM. Don’t miss the first episode airing on April 3rd! Episodes can also be streamed online at https://www.flseagrant.org/marine-science-minute-with-florida-sea-grant/

The “Marine Science Minute” spotlights were produced and edited by Florida Sea Grant Communication’s Creative Art Director, Donielle Nardi.