Florida Sea Grant supports the work of scientists and researchers in a wide variety of disciplines from institutions around the state. Researchers are invited to apply for faculty funding by visiting our Open Funding Opportunities page.

Below are typical funding opportunities that have opened previously. We provide the archived text for informational purposes.


Highly Migratory Species Research Initiative 

This opportunity is now open.

The National Sea Grant College Program announces a funding opportunity for highly migratory species research.

  • Highly Migratory Species Research Initiative (NOAA-OAR-SG-2019-2006046)

The National Sea Grant Office will host an informational webinar about this funding opportunity on May 07, at 2PM Eastern.

National Sea Grant Aquaculture Program

This opportunity is now closed.

The National Sea Grant College Program announces three federal funding opportunities to advance U.S. aquaculture.

  • Advanced Aquaculture Collaborative Programs (NOAA-OAR-SG-2019-2005963)
  • Exploring New Aquaculture Opportunities (NOAA-OAR-SG-2019-2005960)
  • Social, Behavioral, and Economic Research Needs in Aquaculture (NOAA-OAR-SG-2019-2005953)

The National Sea Grant Office will host an informational webinar about the three aquaculture-related funding opportunities on Monday, March 4 at 3 pm Eastern.

Biennial Call for Research Proposals

This opportunity is now open to parties who previously submitted Letters of Intent.

Every two years, Florida Sea Grant solicits Research Proposals for two-year coastal and ocean applied research grants that reflect priorities identified in the current Florida Sea Grant Strategic Plan.
Click here for research proposal guidance and deadlines.


Request for Proposals: 2018-2020 Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative

This opportunity is now closed. 

Depending on appropriations, NOAA National Sea Grant College Program expects to have available a total of $7,000,000 to $11,500,000 across fiscal years 2018, 2019 and 2020 as part of the Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative (NAI). As part of the NAI, this competition is designed to foster the expansion of a sustainable U.S. ocean, coastal and Great Lakes aquaculture sector by addressing one or more of the following priorities:

  • (a) supporting the development of emerging systems or technologies that will advance aquaculture in the U.S., including projects that will help stimulate aquaculture production by nascent industries;
  • (b) developing and implementing actionable methods of communicating accurate, science based messages and information about the benefits and risks of U.S. marine aquaculture to the public; and
  • (c) increasing the resiliency of aquaculture systems to natural hazards and changing conditions.

For more information, visit: Request for Proposals: 2018-2020 Sea Grant National Aquaculture Initiative

Request for Proposals: 2018 NOAA Coastal Resilience Grant

This opportunity is now closed.

NOAA intends to award up to $15 million to support coastal resilience grants that benefit coastal ecosystems and communities. Coastal Resilience Grants support efforts to prepare coastal communities and ecosystems to withstand the impacts of extreme weather and climate-related hazards, which in turn makes our nation safer and our economy more secure.

The FY2017 Coastal Resilience Grants competition included two focus areas—strengthening coastal communities and habitat restoration. In FY2018, new project proposals are being solicited for projects that build resilience through habitat restoration. For the part of the program focused on strengthening coastal communities, NOAA will select proposals from the high-scoring projects submitted but not funded during the FY2017 competition.

For more information, visit: Request for Proposals: 2018 NOAA Coastal Resilience Grant

Program Development Funds

This opportunity opens as funds are available.

Program Development (PD) funds allow Florida Sea Grant (FSG) faculty to address timely coastal and ocean issues that cannot be anticipated during the year-long process of developing Annual Project proposals in the biennial grant period. PD funding also may support demonstrations essential to coastal user groups, pilot research studies or the transfer of information via workshops or other venues. Program Development projects are of short duration, low budget and yield a definitive result specifically tied to the circumstances that motivate the project.

For more information, visit: Florida Sea Grant Program Development Funds