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Your gift to Florida Sea Grant could strengthen our mission and directly support activities to preserve and sustain the precious ocean and coastal resources of Florida.

Florida Sea Grant has a demonstrated record of success in designing the best possible solutions for ocean and coastal issues in Florida – combining research, outreach and education to address issues ranging from development of hurricane storm surge models that save human lives to tools that increase survival of catch-and-release fish.

Florida Sea Grant strongly supports ocean education, from K-12 to the graduate school level. Leading experts in ocean science and coastal resource managers have received support from our program in their career development. Our faculty and staff work closely with coastal residents in a variety of non-traditional education and outreach programs that address their particular needs.

The Director can work closely with you to identify exactly what you would like to accomplish with your donation, and the University of Florida Foundation can provide details on various options for providing gifts.

Here are a few ideas about how you could help Florida’s coasts:

student shark research

Florida Sea Grant provides future marine scientists and other environmental professionals with financial support and valuable, real-world experience through its network of people, universities, governments and businesses. The investment pays off as students receiving this support emerge and design creative management concepts to protect Florida’s coastal environment for future generations.

Example: Aylesworth Foundation Lures the Best & Brightest Marine Science Students 

scholar visit

Your endowment could support a visiting scholars program, allowing us to bring the nation’s leading experts in ocean and coastal science and policy to Florida to collaborate with students, faculty, and resource managers and the private sector, in order to tackle critical coastal problems.

Example: Newell Seminar: Restructuring the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program

Your contribution could be used to provide start-up grants to faculty and students for pilot research, extension and education projects, or for student travel to regional and national meetings where they can learn from their peers and bring new knowledge and skills back to Florida.

Example: Citizen scientists find microplastics have big presence in coastal waters

These are just a few examples of how you could help protect and sustain Florida’s ocean and coastal resources. Ultimately your generous gift will be directed in the manner that you identify.

If you would like to invest in Florida’s future through a donation, visit this link.

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For additional information or to make a donation via different means, please contact me by phone or email:

Karl Havens

Karl Havens, Director
Florida Sea Grant College Program
University of Florida
PO Box 110400
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