The following is a list of Florida Sea Grant job opportunities. This page will be updated as more opportunities become available.

There are no open employment opportunities at Florida Sea Grant at this time.

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Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant administers a number of scholarship and fellowship opportunities for graduate and undergraduate students at Florida universities. These are offered on an annual basis.

The John A. Knauss Marine Policy Fellowship is now open, along with the Aylesworth Scholarship and the Guy Harvey Scholarship Award.

Learn more here about each individual opportunity:
Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant
Do you enjoy boating in Florida? Do you know what to do in the event of an accidental fuel or oil spill onboard the vessel?

Our Florida Friendly Fishing Guides are certified in boating best practices that help keep our coastal and marine environments pristine.

To learn more about the program or to find the Florida Friendly Fishing Guide nearest you, visit:
Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant
Visioning Component of the Greater Amberjack Research Program | Public Meeting Oct 26, 2020

Florida Sea Grant is leading a regional visioning process to develop research priorities for the Greater Amberjack Research Program, a $10 Million multi-year program implemented by the National Sea Grant Office (NSGO) and the National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS).

The Florida Sea Grant visioning team will be holding a virtual public meeting on October 26 from 4:30 to 6:00 pm (EST), in conjunction with the October meeting of the Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council. During this meeting, we will provide a brief introduction to the Greater Amberjack Research Program and to the visioning process. We will also invite participants to share their views regarding the greater amberjack fishery in the Gulf of Mexico, specifically regarding the current state of the amberjack fishery and how it has changed over time, its management, the science used in management, and research priorities moving forward.

To register for the meeting, please follow the registration link below. After registration, you will receive an email with a link for the virtual Zoom meeting.

We hope you can attend!

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