Science Serving Florida’s Coast

Florida Sea Grant is a university-based program that supports research, education and extension to conserve coastal resources and enhance economic opportunities for the people of Florida.

We are a partnership between the Florida Board of Education, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and Florida’s citizens and governments. Our extension, education and outreach programs are done in partnership with UF/IFAS Extension and coastal counties of Florida.

We tap into the research expertise of more than 800 coastal and ocean scientists at the state’s 16 major universities and research laboratories, and we are an integral part of the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences at the University of Florida, one of the nation’s leading Land Grant universities. Our 20 extension agents live and work in coastal communities. They have a breadth of experiences and tremendous trust from their local residents as reliable sources of science-based information. Our seven statewide extension specialists lead highly relevant programs including seafood safety, boating and waterway management, coastal conservation law, aquaculture and fisheries management.

Our vision and mission

Florida Sea Grant envisions a future where people use our coastal and marine resources in ways that capture the economic and social benefits they offer, while preserving their quality and abundance for future generations.

Florida Sea Grant’s mission is to support integrated research, education and extension to conserve coastal resources and enhance economic opportunities for the people of Florida.

Invest in Florida’s Future

Your gift to Florida Sea Grant could strengthen our mission and directly support activities to preserve and sustain the precious ocean and coastal resources of Florida.

Florida Sea Grant has a demonstrated record of success in designing the best possible solutions for ocean and coastal issues in Florida – combining research, outreach and education to address issues ranging from development of hurricane storm surge models that save human lives to tools that increase survival of catch-and-release fish.

Florida Sea Grant strongly supports ocean education, from K-12 to the graduate school level. Leading experts in ocean science and coastal resource managers have received support from our program in their career development. Our faculty and staff work closely with coastal residents in a variety of non-traditional education and outreach programs that address their particular needs.

The Director can work closely with you to identify exactly what you would like to accomplish with your donation, and the University of Florida Foundation can provide details on various options for providing gifts.

If you’re interested in investing in Florida’s future, visit this link.

Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant
Happy Wednesday!

Time for our Weekly Job Round Up!


1. Zoo Miami has multiple internships is various programs available to you!

• Animal Health Program
• Animal Care Program
• Animal Well-Being and Records Program
• Environmental Education Program
• Development & Fundraising Program
• Graphics Program
• Horticulture Program
• Infrastructure & Construction Program
• Sales & Events Program
• Special Events Program

For additional information on each program and internship opportunity visit here:

2. Inwater Research Group is looking for interns to work focusing mainly on performing extensive morning sea turtle nest surveys in a project construction zone at the St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant.

Additional information can be found here:


1. MyFWC Florida Fish and Wildlife is seeking to hire a Biological Scientist to assist FWC biologists and partners in surveying nesting seabird and shorebird populations following monitoring protocols outlined in the Florida Shorebird Database.

Additional information can be found here:

2. Miami Seaquarium is seeking to hire a Supervisor of Animal Training to ensure the high standards of the Animal Training Department are met while providing a supportive, positive team environment.

Additional information can be found here:

3. SeaWorld Orlando is seeking to hire a Associate Aquarist who will do the basic food preparation and feeding of animals in specific aquarium area, utilize proper aquarium maintenance techniques for algae removal, display diving, and aquarium decorating, basic water quality testing, chemical additions, salt water make up, pH and temperature testing, perform aquarium husbandry techniques including taxonomy, record keeping, aquarium filtration, aquarium theory, and emergency procedures, assist in basic animal transports, assist with minor repairs to aquarium filtration systems, answer guest questions concerning aquarium animals, and cross-utilization and placement at off-site coral rescue facility.
Additional responsibilities include providing coral rescue husbandry practices including water chemistry, lighting, nutrition and transport; maintaining coral rescue standards for documentation and record keeping according to coral rescue program guidelines.

Additional information can be found here:

4. Miami Seaquarium is seeking to hire a Senior Aviculturist who will be primarily responsible for the care and display of Tropical Birds including Psittacines, flamingos and penguins. Other responsibilities include: working with manatees and Sea Turtles, as well as being a resource for the Aquatics Department staff.

Additional information can be found here:

5. Smart-Sciences, Inc. is seeking a Biologist/Environmental Scientist – Mid to Senior Level in their Miami office to help grow our environmental, ecological and environmental permitting related practice in South Florida.

Additional information can be found here:

6. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) is seeking to hire a Supervisory Natural Resource Management Specialist to execute supervisory, project management, and administrative management duties to ensure successful program goal accomplishments for Coral Recovery, plan and execute programs and influence decision-making to protect and recover NMFS trust resources, with emphasis on Endangered Species Act (ESA) listed species and corals, oversee ESA section 7 interagency consultations conducted by NMFS in the range of ESA-listed corals, and set clear priorities and organize available resources to ensure timely delivery of high quality services and products in compliance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies to leadership, and internal and external customers.

Additional information can be found here:
Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant
Join us in congratulating Angela Collins, the 2020 recipient of the Don Sweat Sea Grant Extension Award!

With this award, the UF/IFAS Extension Sea Grant agent in Manatee, Hillsborough and Sarasota counties is recognized for her initiative, innovation, creativity and leadership while assisting the regional seafood industry through extension programming.
Florida Sea Grant
Florida Sea Grant
Our biennial request for 2022-2024 applied science projects is now open for submissions. We encourage projects and collaborations among a diverse community of scientists affiliated with Florida’s academic institutions, agencies, organizations, and/or industry.

Required Letters of Intent are due February 15, 2021 by 3p.m. EST.
For more information, visit our Funding page: