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Florida Sea Grant Scholars

Each year, we select five outstanding Florida college students as Florida Sea Grant Scholars. The finalists are students who are excelling in their educational careers and are conducting research with a faculty mentor on a topic in our strategic plan 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. The $2,000 scholarship award is intended to help the student broaden the scope of their ongoing research in order to pursue a new idea that will advance their field of inquiry and perhaps lead to a practical application with further work.

Florida Sea Grant Scholars must be enrolled full-time at a Florida university at the time of their application, and for the entire year following awarding of the funds (typically in March 2018). During the year of the scholarship award the Florida Sea Grant scholar is expected to attend at least one Florida Sea Grant-organized event and spend at least one day shadowing a Florida Sea Grant Extension Agent.

Students who receive a scholarship must submit a one-page summary of the results and implications of their work when it is complete.

To apply, submit the following items on or before the deadline identified below.

  1. A cover letter, not to exceed two pages (11 point font), that describes your academic interests and experiences to date, gives a brief overview of your ongoing educational plan, and describes your longer-term career goals.
  2. A brief prospectus, not to exceed three pages (11 point font), that describes the work you intend to do with the scholarship funds. How will you make use of the funds to conduct novel work that is related to your mentored research but stretches the boundaries in a creative and unique way? For this prospectus, include: (a) background information that provides adequate context for a non-expert to understand the issue and why it is important; (b) your objectives; (c) the methods that you will employ; and (d) the anticipated results and benefits – academic and/or practical.
  3. A budget that itemizes how the funds will be used, and a narrative that explains each item in a concise manner. For example the budget might include $500 for laboratory supplies and in the narrative you would perhaps say that $500 is requested to purchase a filtration apparatus, filters and fluorescent stain to use in counting bacteria in water samples. Allowable budget items are supplies, books, equipment under $500 and travel related to the project. This scholarship is not intended to support travel to scientific conferences.
  4. A one-page (one side, 11 point font) resume.
  5. A letter of reference from your faculty advisor. Please tell your advisor that within the letter she/he must state that he/she is your advisor, and that she/he will accept the scholarship funds on your behalf and ensure that they are used for academic purposes.
  6. An unofficial copy of your transcripts.

If you are a student at the University of Florida, your faculty advisory must ALSO submit the application materials into the UFIRST system and indicate in UFIRST that Ed Harvey is an Editor of the application.

Pending the expected funding from Congress in FY18, we will award a total of five $2,000 scholarships.

Students are eligible to receive this scholarship just one time, because our aim is to support a diversity of projects and establish a cadre of scholars over the lifetime of the award.

NOTES (for your faculty advisor):

  • Because this is a student scholarship, no indirect costs are allowed.
  • The usual match of non-federal funds is waived.


All application materials must be sent by e-mail directly to Melissa Macarages, and be received no later than January 4, 2018 at 4 PM.

Fiscal questions may be directed to Ed Harvey. For technical content questions and proposal preparation, contact Dr. Karl Havens, (352) 392-5870.