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Immediate budget cut proposed

There is a potentially dire situation for the Florida Sea Grant program unfolding in Washington, D.C. On Tuesday, March 28, the President sent Congress a request for drastic cuts to many government programs related to everything from the environment to health and human services and education – in order to immediately free-up funds to increase defense spending.

One of the programs that is slated to be cut, by $30 million this year, is Sea Grant. That wipes out the remaining budget of the program and it would terminate the program the day such a budget cut became effective. If Congress approved of the cuts we could be gone in a matter of months.

If you value the program, you can help. The President only make requests – it is Congress that takes actions when it comes to the budget. The strong bipartisan support of Sea Grant by members of Congress has not changed. Yet there are many programs now on the chopping block or facing draconian cuts in this fiscal year. If members of Congress receive a huge number of supportive emails from people who deeply value a particular program, it will make a large difference in regard to the outcome.

If you decide to reach out to members of Congress about Sea Grant, we suggest some sample language to be used in your email. It contains specific language that members and staff will recognize, pertaining to this proposed cut or elimination of the program. To access the sample language, and to learn more, visit: A Special Message from the Director of Florida Sea Grant


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