• naim montazeri

    Naim Montazeri

    Research Affiliate
    Florida Sea Grant

Florida Sea Grant Research Affiliate

Assistant Professor of Food Virology
University of Florida
Food Science and Human Nutrition Department
572 Newell Drive, RM 467B
Gainesville, FL 32611
(352) 294-3756 (office) | (352) 392-9467 (fax)

Naim Montazeri’s major academic research focuses on prevention of microbial contamination in food and the environment. Currently, he serves as the assistant professor of Food Virology in Food Science and Human Nutrition Department at the University of Florida.

Research areas: 

  • Isolation, detection, and characterization of viruses in food and environment
  • Source-tracking environmental transmission of viruses
  • Viral zoonoses associated with seafood
  • Surface disinfection and sanitation
  • Intervention techniques to inactivate viral pathogens in food
  • Persistence of viruses in environment
  • Risk assessment of food-borne viruses
  • Viral functionality and infectivity
  • Viral interactions with environment and microbial community

Academic experience

  • Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Food Virology, North Carolina State University (2018)
  • Ph.D., Food Science, Louisiana State University (2015)
  • M.S., Seafood Science, University of Alaska Fairbanks (2011)
  • M.S., Natural Resources – Fisheries, Azad University – Lahijan (2005)
  • B.S., Natural Resources – Fisheries, Azad University – Tehran (2002)