Boat Discharge Explained: Sewage vs. Bilge Water

Octavio Franco standing on dock next to boat pumpout station
Play Video about Octavio Franco standing on dock next to boat pumpout station

Ever wondered what boats are discharging into the water at marinas? In this eye-opening video, we clarify the difference between a boat discharging sewage overboard versus its bilge pump turning on to pump water out.

Join us as we feature a scientific guest speaker who explains the environmental implications of each type of discharge. This information is crucial for non-boaters who may observe these activities but are unsure about their impact on water quality and the environment.

Learn how sewage discharge from boats can affect marine ecosystems and water quality, and understand why bilge water discharge, when managed properly, is different and generally not harmful. This video aims to educate and raise awareness among those living near marinas, helping them to distinguish between routine boat operations and potential environmental concerns.

Florida Sea Grant, in partnership with Florida Department of Environmental Protection, develops tools and resources that help the boating community properly dispose of waste and keep our water clean.

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