• Accessing Florida’s Coast

    Accessing Florida's Coast

National Working Waterfronts & Waterways Symposium

Tampa, FL — The National Working Waterfront Network is pleased to announce that the fourth triennial National Working Waterfronts and Waterways Symposium will be held in Tampa, Florida November 16‐19, 2015. By design, the triennial symposium moves around the country to highlight the diversity of our nation’s working waterfronts, to foster a cross‐fertlization of ideas, knowledge and solutions, and to generate strategic partnerships.

The goal of the symposium is to connect and unite stakeholders from across the U.S., and to showcase (and initiate) innovatve, successful, and timely solutions to waterfront and waterway issues. The symposium also aims to provide attendees an opportunity to network with others who are involved in the same types of professional issues and, together, develop strategies, timelines, funding sources, and regional alliances to address them.

The triennial symposium has been successful since its inaugural year and is attended by a wide range of stakeholders.

Attending stakeholders include planners, managers, attorneys, policy makers, elected/appointed officials, waterway and waterfront advocates, users and developers, property and business owners, researchers and students, and others from the following entities:

Federal, tribal, state, county and municipal governments
Navigation districts and port authorities
Citizen marine advisory committees and harbor boards
Local, regional, state, tribal and federal government organizations
Environmental and maritime consultancies
Marine, boating, fishing, aquaculture and tourism industries
Coastal and marine oriented non‐profit organizations
Educational organizations

Through several presentation formats ‐ including educational plenary, concurrent, and poster sessions ‐ and engagement opportunities, the symposium creates an educational and interactive forum where emerging ideas, best practices, and information may be shared. Additionally, the Thursday Strategic Planning Meeting takes advantage of attendees’ time together to collaborate and develop strategic plans for the working waterfronts and waterways community moving forward.

Attendees find that, in this forum, their diverse experiences, coupled with their universal challenges create a unique opportunity for collaborative problem solving and resource sharing. It is also an excellent chance for sponsoring organizations to demonstrate their involvement in working waterfronts and waterways to some of the most forward‐thinking stakeholders across the nation.

Participants must register to attend the symposium. A reduced fee is available to those who register by August 24, 2015.

For more information about the conference and registration instructions, visit www.conference.ifas.ufl.edu/NWWWS or contact the conference chair:

Holly Abeels
Brevard County Sea Grant Extension
(321) 633-1702

Past conference presentations and abstracts:

Note from Conference Organizers:
Where possible, we have uploaded the .pdf files
of the the PowerPoint presentations and posters from the previous conference (Stem to Stern II)
at Agenda and Presentations.

From Stem to Stern II program book and abstracts (3.7 Mb pdf)

From Stem to Stern II: Results and Evaluation (1.4 Mb pdf)

These are the sponsors for From Stem to Stern II

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