Hazard Resilience Publications

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Oil Spill Science Publications

By Monica Wilson, Larissa Graham, Chris Hale, Emily Maung-Douglass, Stephen Sempier and LaDon Swann
Extension specialists with the Sea Grant oil spill science outreach program in the Gulf of Mexico produce a variety of publications and workshops sharing emerging oil spill science with decision makers and communities. Follow the links below to read the latest bulletins.

Florida Homeowners Handbook to Prepare for Natural Hazards

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April 2013
Gulf of Mexico Alliance; Saari, Brooke; Carnahan, Libby
Natural hazards such as tornados, hurricanes, tropical storms, floods, or high wind events can threaten your home, both inhabitants and contents. This handbook was created to help Floridians prepare for a natural hazard so that risks to family and property may be reduced.

Florida’s Coastal Hazards Disclosure Law: Property Owner Perceptions of the Physical and Regulatory Environment

TP-194, Full Report
TP-195, Executive Summary
July 2012
Wozniak, K.; G. Davidson; and T. Ankersen
These documents recommend changes to Florida’s Coastal Hazards Disclosure Law, based on results of a research survey of buyers who had recently purchased property falling within the state’s specially designated Coastal Construction Control Line.

The Costs of Hurricane Emergency Management Services: A Risk-Based Method for Calculating Property Owners’ Fair Share

June 2003
Deyle, R.; R. Smith; M. Boswell; E. Baker; M. Falconer; J. MacDonald
Planning scholars have argued that property owners who develop land in hazardous areas, and thereby impose costs on their communities for emergency planning and disaster recovery, should pay their fair share of those costs. This document describes a method of allocating such costs for hurricanes based on relative risk and applies it to Lee County, Fla.

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Panic Preventer File: Generic Model for Marinas

August 2002
Jackson, D.
Marina managers must have a contingency plan in-hand before minor or major disasters occur. The “Generic Panic File” is a model that can be adapted to your need. You must make a commitment to prepare for emergency and “hurry-up” situations by following the four-step process outlined.