Conor’s passion for ocean life and marine science inspired him to pursue a career in aquatic restoration and marine policy.  Through NSF’s Research Experience for Undergraduates program, Conor first became involved in restoration research working to return a healthy clam population in New Jersey through Rutgers University.  During his master’s degree, he studied mangrove ecology to determine their role in methane production and water quality improvements.  During a subsequent PhD at the University of Florida, Conor studied multiple seagrass restoration techniques in various subtropical environments in Florida, coordinating efforts between academic, governmental, and non-profit organizations.

Currently, Conor continues to channel his passion for ocean conservation and drive to connect like-minded individuals through his position as a coastal agency liaison for Florida Seagrant.  This new position will help connect FSG to other environmentally minded governmental, academic, and non-profit groups to help environmental efforts and those connected to our water resources recover from the current COVID-19 epidemic.

Conor holds a B.S. in Biology from the College of William and Mary, a M.S. in Environmental Science from Florida Gulf Coast University, and a PhD in Soil and Water Sciences from the University of Florida.