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    Joshua Patterson

    Restoration Aquaculture Specialist

Restoration Aquaculture Specialist

529 Estuary Lane
Apollo Beach, FL 33572
FAX: 813-419-4929

Research Interests:

Patterson joined the University of Florida School Forest Resources and Conservation in June 2014.  His research area is restoration aquaculture and he seeks to answer applied questions about how best to grow and utilize aquatic organisms to improve impacted environments.  The majority of his active research has been on corals and he has interests in seagrasses, bay scallops, oysters, and finfish.

Extension Programs:

Patterson works closely with The Florida Aquarium on a scientifically rigorous coral reef conservation program which explores sexual reproduction and land-based culture.  In addition, he works with Sea Grant agents, federal and state agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and private businesses that are active in various aspects of aquatic restoration using cultured organisms.

Courses Taught:

FAS 6932 Environmental Physiology of Fishes: Through 16 weeks of instruction, weekly class discussions, and an experimental design-based final project, this course surveys the adaptations of fishes which have allowed them to become by far the most species-rich vertebrate taxa.  Students also gain an appreciation for how new knowledge about fish physiology is generated.


  • PhD, Renewable Natural Resources, Louisiana State University
  • MS, Aquaculture/Aquatic Sciences, Kentucky State University
  • BS, Biology, George Mason University