The literature available on adaptation to sea-level rise and coastal resilience has exploded over the last few years. The amount of information now available can easily overwhelm those with a responsibility to incorporate knowledge of sea-level rise and other coastal hazards into their work.

This corner of includes a brief description and then links to resources for adaptation to sea-level rise for local governments in Florida. The resources included are aimed primarily at attorneys and planners working on these issues.

This site provides an introduction to adaptation to sea-level by providing a mix of targeted resources that range from introductory to detailed. The information presented under “Science and General Information” is introductory and basic.

The section “Vulnerability Analysis” contains a very basic introduction to the concept and then provides extensive, ready-to-use resources that can benefit anyone from the novice to expert. This section primarily serves the interest of planners and geographic information systems (GIS) experts.

Currently the greatest amount of information on the page appears under “Policy Tools.” This section especially targets local government attorneys and land use planners with detailed resources on policy considerations.