Fisheries specialist

School of Forest Resources and Conservation
University of Florida, 7922 NW 71st St.
Gainesville, FL 32653


The Florida Sea Grant Extension Program is a statewide marine and coastal outreach program with administrative offices at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida. Extension faculty and staff are located on the UF campus and in Florida’s coastal counties.

Dr. Lorenzen leads the Florida Sea Grant outreach and extension program in sustainable marine fisheries. Marine fisheries generate substantial economic impact for the state. The recreational fishing industry generates an economic impact of over $2 billion to the Florida economy. Approximately one million saltwater recreational fishing licenses are sold each year; 40 percent are non-resident licenses. The commercial fishing industry generates annual dockside sales of $200 million. Approximately 14,000 individuals hold licenses to fish commercially; these individuals use approximately 8,000 craft in the harvesting sector.

Some examples of fisheries extension programs include coordinating regional and statewide artificial reef conferences to enhance the state’s artificial reef program; organizing regional fisheries management workshops for resource managers, law enforcement, and educators; and facilitating fisheries stakeholder meetings in an effort to build shared understanding of controversial fisheries issues. One principal fisheries extension program is a statewide effort to educate recreational fishermen on critical issues concerning fishery stocks and aquatic habitats, including reduction of mortality of released fish caught on hook and line. Through extension of science-based information drawn from fishery management, research and technology transfer sources, Florida Sea Grant will help ensure that Florida fisheries remain biologically and economically sustainable for future generations.


  • PhD Applied Population Biology, University of London, UK
  • MS Biology with Mathematics, Kiel University, Germany