Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips LIVE


Florida Sea Grant is creating a series of seafood-centric Facebook Live cooking demonstration videos that provide step-by-step guidance for selecting and preparing seafood. In “Seafood at Your Fingertips LIVE” viewers will learn about smart seafood choices, sustainable fisheries, and the health benefits of eating a diet rich in seafood. Agents will also teach about the seasonality of Florida seafood and what can be substituted if a certain product is not available at your local market.

The weekly series begins at 6 p.m. EST on Wednesday, May 13, 2020, and can be found on the Florida Sea Grant Facebook page at

Recorded videos will be posted here. Agents will also write blogs with recipes and ingredient lists and post them here a week prior to their presentation for viewers who want to cook along with them. These blogs and an ocean of additional information — including recipes, nutrition facts, and videos — can be found on the page below. Happy Cooking!


Season 1

4-Ingredient Tuna Pesto Pasta & Salad Club
Chef: Libby Carnahan
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Boom Boom Shrimp
Chef: Savanna Barry
Recipe Card
Blog Post

African Pompano Ceviche
Chef: Michael Sipos
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Sardine Avocado Toast
Chef: Holly Abeels
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Cookout Clams!
Chef: Angela Collins
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Oysters on the half shell
Chef: Vincent Encomio
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Crab Cakes
Chef: Christina Verlinde
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Whole Grilled Snapper
Chef: Armando Ubeda
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Crabby Potatoes
Chef: Elizabeth Shephard

Lionfish Tacos
Chef: Dorothy Lee

Softshell Crab Sandwiches
Chef: Rhett Register
Recipe Card

Simply Delish Scallops
Chef: Savanna Barry
Recipe Card

How to filet a Red Grouper
Chef: Michael Sipos

How to filet an African Pompano
Chef: Michael Sipos

plate with mahi, rice, cabbage, avocadoGrilled Mahi-Mahi Wrapped in Banana Leaves
Chef: Armando Ubeda
Recipe Card
Blog Post

Season 2

Grilled Mahi Mahi
Chef: Armando Ubeda
Recipe Card


Cooking demonstrations will air Wednesdays at 6 p.m. EST on the Florida Sea Grant Facebook page ( Videos and recipes will be made available on this page shortly thereafter.

DateAgentCountySeafoodType of Dish
September 16, 2020Armando UbedaSouthwestMahi-MahiMahi-Mahi wrapped in bannana leaves
September 23, 2020Demi AycartIFAS CommunicationsTBDShrimp and portobello mushroom fettuccine
September 30, 2020Michael SiposCollierSnapperPanko Encrusted Mangrove Snapper With An Apricot Pineapple Sauce
October 7, 2020GiGi NovakGraphic DesignerShrimpBlackened Shrimp & Corn Tacos with cilantro jalepeno cole slaw
October 14, 2020Chris Verlinde/Rebecca NelsonSanta RosaOystersOysters Empenadas Oysters in Pablomo peppers
October 21, 2020Dorothy Lee/Rick O'ConnorEscambiaRed SnapperCozumel Red Snapper Vera Cruz
October 28, 2020
November 4, 2020Holly AbeelsBrevardShrimpShrimp Scampi or Clam Chowder
November 11, 2020Libby CarnahanPinellasGrouperCoconut Grouper nuggets with Mango chutney
November 18, 2020Savanna BarryBig BendSpotted Sea TroutPesto Pine Nut Trout Bake
November 25, 2020Mike AllenNature Coast Biological StationFish Thanksgiving
December 2, 2020Armando UbedaSarasotaMixedSeafood Paella
December 9, 2020Vincent EncomioMartin/St. Lucie
Oysters or MusselsHangtown fry (oysters with eggs, omelette or fried); moule frite (mussels and fries)

About Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips

A multi-disciplinary team consisting of professionals in the areas of seafood, marine science, nutrition and industry received a University of Florida/IFAS program enhancement grant to create Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips.

The program’s purpose is:

  1. to help ease consumer concerns about seafood safety, cooking and handling
  2. to inform consumers about Florida’s commercial seafood industry, and
  3. to provide current seafood-related information to extension agents for their use in delivering seafood education programs.

Through this project, Extension agents will have information that directly relates to consumers’ needs and offers a variety of delivery methods.

For more information, contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office, or a member of the Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips team:

How do you See Seafood? 2020 In-Service Training for Extension professionals

Wordle in the shape of a fish. Multicolored words about fisheries under the title "How do you see seafood?"

Recently, Florida Sea Grant conducted a training entitled “How Do You See Seafood? A Closer Look at Some of Florida’s Biggest Seafood Questions.”  Presentations addressed prevailing and looming issues affecting Florida seafood, including shifting resources (sustainability; domestic and international), product integrity (additives, antibiotics, substitutions, errant labeling), and product safety (species and environmental toxins, health warnings, allergies) among others. The recorded webinar and links to online resources can be found below.

In-Service Training Webinar Recordings

In-Service Training Online Resources

For Educators

Seafood at Your Fingertips offers extension agents and nutritionists research-based educational modules and materials to educate consumers about Florida seafood. These modules include field-tested materials that extension agents have used in their own educational programs. It provides presentations, displays, handouts and activities that were designed to be easy to use, flexible, and adaptable for a variety of audiences and educational purposes.

Seafood at Your Fingertips Modules: Download files here

The project team wants you to use the materials we provide! Simply click the modules to start an automatic download of a zipped file with all of the course materials. If you have any questions or problems opening any of the files, send your name, affiliation, and telephone number in an email to and a member of the team will contact you. Feel free to contact the agents on the team member list for support including any questions about using the modules.

Each module contains PowerPoint slides with scripted presentation notes and background information. Related educational materials include activities with instruction and supplemental handouts. The modules can be used as stand-alone presentations, or collectively as a series. Each module includes an evaluation and 6-month follow-up evaluation. For agents who may use the modules as a series, a full program evaluation and a 6-month follow-up evaluation are included.

Seafood—It’s good to eat and good for you! Twice a week, make Florida seafood your main protein food.

For more information, contact your local UF/IFAS Extension office, or a member of the Florida Seafood at Your Fingertips team:

Holly Abeels
Florida Sea Grant Agent, IFAS Extension

Brevard County
Libby Carnahan
Florida Sea Grant Agent, IFAS Extension

Pinellas County