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The Florida Sea Grant Coastal Planning Program supports Florida Sea Grant’s mission of using academic research, education and extension to foster a sustainable coastal economy and environment.


April 2017 Newsletter:

Check out this compilation of coastal planning news, put together by Florida Sea Grant’s Coastal Planning Specialist, Thomas Ruppert.
Download the PDF: Florida Sea Grant Coastal Planning Program April 2017 Newsletter

Past newsletters:
October 2016 Newsletter

The Coastal Planning Program assists and provides resources for local governments addressing coastal hazards through their planning process, including land use planning, hazard mitigation planning, and emergency planning.

Florida’s coastlines define Florida for many residents and visitors. Even as Florida’s coastal areas offer great beauty and diverse natural habitats, they also present many potential hazards to human development and communities.

This website provides information and resources on coastal hazards for the local government attorneys, land use planners, and coastal managers that address these hazards in their work. The focus here is on sea-level rise and adaptation with additional information on the related hazards of storms and storm surge, coastal flooding, and erosion. Florida Sea Grant is building a cache of resources for local governments that incorporates both original research and links to resources from other organizations and researchers.

Roadmap_TopGraphic2Questions and Answers About Flood Insurance 

Not sure where to start with purchasing flood insurance for your home? This new frequently asked questions guides answers any questions you might have about the National Flood Insurance Program in an easy-to-read format. Visit the following link to learn more: Questions and Answers About Flood Insurance

Increasing Flooding and Rising Sea Levels

The incidence of flooding in our coastal areas has increased dramatically over the past decades, as cataloged in this report from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. And the trend of increasing sea-level rise will continue, as indicated by the Unified Sea Level Rise Projection of the Southeast Florida Climate Compact, the Recommended Projection of the Sea Level Rise in the Tampa Bay Region by the Tampa Bay Climate Science Advisory Panel, Global and Regional Sea Level Rise Scenarios for the United States by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, a short paper by geologist Dr. Hal Wanless called The Coming Reality of Sea Level Rise: Too Fast Too Soon, and many other sources.


Faculty and Staff

Thomas Ruppert

Thomas Ruppert
Coastal Planning Specialist